Monday, August 5, 2013

AWESOME 2 weeks!!

Open adoption ROCKS! I just had to put that out there first, because it does, and because it's been such a wonderful 2 weeks with my granddaughter Angel, and The Awesomes.

It was CJ's birthday in July, so The Awesomes decided to surprise her by showing up a week early on her special day. I was aware of what was coming, and helped them plan the surprise. CJ was so happy to see them here. It made her birthday so special. They are so thoughtful and loving. We are so blessed.

The greatest part of all this, is that because they came so early (their own family reunion didn't start for another week), they stayed at our house for 5 days! Yes, you read that right. It was a dream come true for me, to have them here for such a long time, just spending time with our family. We had a blast! We went to the local water park twice, played at the city park, took family pictures, went out to dinner, and played in the sprinkler (just to mention a few things). Having Angel here all day, every day, was wonderful. CJ spent as much time with her birth daughter as she possibly could, and had some special moments with her.

The Awesomes spent a week at their family reunion, and we attended one of our own (my husband's family), and also helped our oldest daughter move from where she and her husband had been living, 400 miles away, back to our area.

The last weekend they were here, they came to my own family's reunion, and camped overnight with us. I was so happy to be able to introduce them to my siblings and nieces and nephews! It was so great having them there. It was a perfect day! Then we camped that night and roasted hot dogs and marshmallows around the campfire. The next morning, they left to drive back home home (sob, sob), but my youngest daughter went with them, and will be flying back at the end of the week. The Awesomes are so thoughtful. They invited my youngest daughter to come with them because she has been struggling with depression, and has had a hard time lately. They hoped the trip would help her, and cheer her up a little. That's the kind of people they are. We are so blessed to have found them, and so blessed to be able to add them to our family.

The time I spent with my granddaughter was so precious. I really felt a close bond, and had many "moments" with her. I'm so grateful.


  1. Wow! You are blessed. It helps heal the heart from the hurt caused by losing a grandchild to adoption. I would love it too!!! I love to see my birth grandson. I love watching him, he has my heart and will forever. He's the cutest kid on the planet. His adoptive family has been a blessing to my daughter and to our family.
    Cherish every memory you make. So glad to see a post from another grandma, such a good read!!

    1. It's great for me to hear from another birth grandma, too. I know there's lots more of us out there, but for some reason we think we have to be silent. Why should we be? We went through a lot of hurt and pain losing our grandchild. Those of us with successful open adoptions should be shouting from the rooftops so more people will know how wonderful it can be.

      So happy to hear that you get to see your cute grandson. What a blessing. God bless you and your family. :)