Sunday, December 9, 2012


15 days until we go to see our sweet Angel! I'm so jealous that CJ is going next week and she will be there for Angel's birthday. I am so sad that we won't be able to be there for her birthday. Last year it was such a wonderful experience to be there to see her happy, excited face as she opened all her presents. We weren't able to go as early this year because my school doesn't get out for Christmas break until the 19th. We are going to fly out on Christmas night and arrive back home on New Years night. My hubby, me, and our youngest girls, and maybe my hubby's dad are going together. Last year the whole family (8 loud and annoying people) went and invaded the poor Awesomes for a week. This year they won't have to put up with so many of us. I wish we could all go together again though, but I realize that's not always going to be possible.

For Christmas I bought Angel an American Girl doll that looks so much like her! Her amazing adoptive mom is making her a doll bunk bed out of wood. Mrs. Awesome learned carpentry from her dad, and has made several beautiful pieces of furniture for their home. I am excited to see Angel open her doll, and see her put her to "sleep" in her new bunk beds. I can't wait to play with her and hold her and talk to her and laugh with her. I want to climb on that plane right now. I think I can stand it another 2 weeks though.