Saturday, January 26, 2013

So Grateful

This week I turned 52 years old. OLD being the operative word in my mind. It's amazing how your spirit doesn't age, so inside you feel the same as you did when you were 25, but when you look in the mirror you think, "Who is that old person staring back at me?" But even though I wonder how I got all these wrinkles and saggy skin, I feel so grateful that I am able to have another birthday. That I am able to turn 52, and still be here on this earth, enjoying my life and my family, in good health. I think about my good friend Diane, who died of cancer at age 42. I think of my two brothers-in-law, who died at the ages of 33 and 45. They didn't get to be 52. They missed out on so much living and enjoyment in watching their family grow up. I am so grateful for every day, every wrinkle, and every sag!

More to be grateful for: Speaking of my birthday, I had an especially great one. Mrs. Awesome and Angel came to our area for Mrs. Awesome's grandpa's funeral (so sorry). Since we had just spent 7 days at their house only a few weeks before, we didn't expect to see them while they were here. We knew it was a difficult time for Mrs. Awesome and her family, and they needed time to be together. So, when my phone rang on the evening of my birthday, right after lunch and a movie with my hubby, I was surprised to see it was Mrs. Awesome calling. To my bigger surprise, she asked if we would want to watch Angel that night while the adults in her family had dinner out together. Of course I couldn't find enough ways to say YES, YES, YES!! To say we hurried home is an understatement. I was on cloud 9 or maybe it was 10, or 11. We are blessed to see Angel a lot in our open adoption, but it's rare that she spends time with us, in our home, alone. It was the best birthday present Mrs. Awesome could have given me!

My kids were all there, except my oldest and her hubby, who recently moved out of state (I hate that they aren't close enough to come to our family birthday dinners!). CJ was making dinner for me, so I got to enjoy some playtime and reading time with Angel while dinner was cooking. I was feeling like a real grandma, and loving it! She had dinner with us (and made us laugh the whole time) and then she "helped" me open my presents and blow out my candles. It was so wonderful to have her there with us. I can't remember when I've felt so much joy. I'm so grateful! I couldn't thank Mrs. Awesome enough when she finally came to pick Angel up. I know she had other, closer, places she could have had Angel stay that night, but she drove all the way to our house and let us have time alone with her. Thank you Mrs. Awesome!!

I have so much to be grateful for. I have been blessed with a funny, annoying husband, 5 loud, obnoxious and hilarious children (and a son-in-law who fits right in), a job where I can enjoy 26 crazy ten-year-olds every day, and even when one of my hardest trials happened, the Lord made it all okay by giving us the best open adoption situation there could ever be. I am so grateful.