Sunday, September 30, 2012

December 2010: Angel's first birthday

It had been 6 months since I had seen her, but we had kept in touch with The Awesomes by phone, text, skype and the blog they posted pictures on for us. The Awesomes decided to come to our state, where much of their family lives, to celebrate her birthday. That was just perfect for us! Of course, I was beyond excited to see her. She was now walking, and starting to talk a little. Time goes by even faster when you don't see a little one very often. They change so much in that time you're apart.  I so wish she lived closer so I could watch the changes happen in her life. I really wish I could watch her grow up.

On the night of her birthday, The Awesomes had a big party for both sides of their family, and they invited us to come. They had it at a place that was filled with blow-up slides and jumping houses and other blow-up toys. There was a party room for everyone to meet in. There were a lot of people there. We didn't get to spend much time with Angel, because she was so distracted by everyone wanting to play with her and hold her, and by all the blow-up toys, gifts, cake, etc.

The next night we had them come to our house for a private little party with our family and some extended relatives. We had dinner and spent the rest of the night enjoying Angel and laughing a lot. It was great to have some personal time. That night they spent the night at our house. It was comforting to have them under our roof. In the morning we all went to church. I wanted to show off my sweet granddaughter and her wonderful adoptive parents. I wanted to share them with everyone I knew!

Now that it had been a year, we were all used to the idea of how things were. People were always asking me how CJ was doing. Was she sad? Was it hard for her? I would tell them that yes, I'm sure she is sad sometimes, and yes, it is hard for her sometimes, but that she is really okay. She was, and is, at peace with her decision. She loves The Awesomes and trusts them completely, and knows they are raising her daughter with much love and patience. She knows she did the right thing.

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