Sunday, September 30, 2012

June 2010: The adoption is final

Six months after placement, The Awesomes went to court in their state to made the adoption final. You might think that it would have been a sad day for our family, losing our little one, but we didn't feel as if we were losing her. We knew she was where she should be, so finalizing it was actually a relief.

After the court finalized the adoption, it was time to seal it all with our Heavenly Father. In the LDS church, we believe that families are sealed together for eternity in our temples. The Awesomes came with Angel to our state to attend the temple, and have her sealed to their family. We were so glad that they came here to do it! My husband and I were able to attend the temple ceremony, and Mrs. Awesome gave me the privilege of taking a small part in it. It was a beautiful ceremony and a wonderful, spiritual day, confirming to me that this was where my granddaughter was always supposed to go, and this was the family who was supposed to raise her.  My whole family gathered outside the temple to take pictures together. One of the pictures of our family now hangs in my living room, with the words "Families are Forever" above it. Even though Angel is with another family, I know that our family will be blessed by our Heavenly Father because of the sacrifices and the decisions we made. I truly believe that Angel will always be a part of our family's life, here, and in the hereafter.

The next day after the temple sealing, a special blessing was given to Angel at an LDS church house. That day just happened to be July 4th, so Angel was dressed in Red, White and Blue, and looked so cute!

That weekend was one of the best of my life. There was so much joy and happiness for me. Everything felt so right and so perfect. That weekend completely changed everything. Even though I had felt good about everything so far, now I was completely content and happy with the adoption, and with the life that lay ahead for our family. I was totally at peace.

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